Product Information
  • This radiator is available with the mounting frame.
  • Purchasing a new radiator with a new frame can save your mechanic up to 2 hours of labor
  • Radiators and frames are subject to twisting and flexing during the normal course of operating a truck.
  • Re-using the original frame, which likely has a slight twist to it will cause stress on your new radiator and cause it to fail prematurely.
  • Order your radiator with the frame and save labor and extend the life of your radiator

Active Radiator
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Active is and always has been a family owned company and that is one of our greatest strengths.

We take great pride in establishing and maintaining a team oriented working environment. Everyone from manufacturing, to warehousing, to shipping, to engineering, to customer service, to sales and administration will go the extra mile for our customers.

Established 1953 in Philadelphia, PA, Active services truck fleets, construction and industrial companies through 1986. In 1987, Active opened a manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA.

Because Active is a service company, we see all the failure points in every type of radiator, charge air cooler, and oil cooler. This experience is useful when designing our aftermarket products.


Active develops solutions for specialized industries such as:
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Lift trucks
  • Mass transit
  • Construction equipment
  • Loaders
  • GenSets
  • Industrial equipment
  • Off highway
  • OTR Class 5-8
Active has developed and manufactured cooling packages for several dealer groups. In certain applications such as landfills and incinerators, the design of the O.E. cooling package would cause the fins to clog. Active redesigned the entire cooling package to incorporate a fin design which allows more debris to pass through the core and reduce fin clogging.


  • Manufactures in Philadelphia, PA since 1987
  • Radiators
  • Charge air coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • In 2015, manufactured 13,784 copper / brass units and 9,223 aluminum units
  • Employs 186 people
  • Operates in 141,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Philadelphia, PA
  • Operates a 90,000 square feet of warehouse space in Philadelphia, PA
  • Second Aluminum brazing oven located in Dallas, TX


Reverse Engineering:
  • In house mechanical design engineers analyze O.E. units and design replacement units which incorporate product improvements
  • Obsolete or Discontinued products can be reverse engineered using a sample unit
  • In House Heat Transfer Design
  • Fully Equipped machine shop including lathes, bridgeports, Mazak CNC Lathe, and 3 Haas machining centers which allow us to build our own tooling, dies and any part needed for production
  • Fully Equipped stamping shop including 400 ton press which allows us to stamp any part needed for production runs
  • Fully Equipped Fabrications shop including 2 laser cutting machines, 2 CNC punch machines, 2 CNC press brakes which allows us to fabricate individual parts needed for custom orders or volume runs of parts needed for production
  • Active operates 3 Cab Brazing Furnaces which we use to manufacture all of our aluminum products
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